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A Message for LMS Families

Greetings LMS Families, 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! Our LMS team is excited to return this fall and although we are not starting with in person learning, we are very prepared for e-Learning. We are confident that we will continue to establish strong relationships with our students and families and will continue to deliver high quality and engaging instruction. Our LMS family misses you tremendously and look forward to seeing everyone in our building in the second quarter. 

We have created a centralized location for all of our Weekly Assignment Sheets.This allows parents to see an overview of what students will learn in each course and what was studied in previous weeks. We’ve also identified when academic support is provided and published it on our e-Learning Schedule. It is our hope that publicizing this information will increase student and parent awareness of what’s being taught and staff availability for assistance with assignments and learning. We hope you find both resources useful. These links will connect to our district’s main Distance Learning HUB that houses information for all schools in the district. Links to the HUB will be updated regularly.

Students will be expected to complete assignments and submit them to their teacher by the due date throughout e-Learning. Students will receive feedback and earn grades on assignments deemed essential/required by the teacher. All students should receive specific feedback from their teacher at least once a week.  We will be sending a missing assignment notifier out each Tuesday morning. Should students forget to turn something in, or have something incomplete, they can still submit it to their teacher for credit and there may be a reduction in citizenship grade. 

We expect our students to continue to learn and grow and remain committed to learning in the best way that they can during the first quarter AND when we return to in person learning. We embrace all suggestions and will continue to tweak things as we strive to create learning opportunities that are flexible enough to accommodate all of our families. We are here for you and miss you. Should you need anything, do not hesitate to contact us. We are in this together. We got this! Go RAMS!

Take Care
Dr. TJ

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