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At-Home Learning Plan

We are so glad you are joining us on this journey. Remember, you don’t need to recreate a school day at-home, just try to create an environment for your child(ren) to learn and be engaged. 

We realize that many of us are still trying to figure out how to balance school, work, the world around us and take care of ourselves. Please remember to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your child(ren)’s social-emotional well-being and health. We are here to help. 

Begin by Making a Schedule

Children thrive when they have a routine and schedule. Below are some templates we have created to help you make your own schedule. These are just templates so feel free to adjust and modify for your child based on age, ability, engagement, etc. These schedules help address both academic and social-emotional well-being. 

Weekly Activities Overview

Weekly Activities

Please note that activities that are shown here are the baseline curriculum that the teachers will be teaching. Please check communication from your child’s teacher for the most accurate day-by-day lessons. Also, please note the second slide of information in each presentation.

Student Norms for Learning Online

  • Be respectful, responsible, and safe – The rules of school still apply even when you are learning at home. Keep your language respectful, give positive compliments to others, and be safe with your information. 
  • Remember your digital footprint – Every time you post, comment, or share online it is out there for anyone to find and use positively or negatively. So post up information that puts you in a positive light. 
  • Think before you “speak” – Others can’t see or hear you emotions or tone of voice in the comments, so think before you post. Double check to make sure your comments are positive.
  • We are here to help – Any time you have questions, concerns, or are unsure, please ask for help. This whole online world can be confusing, but we are here to help you understand and learn.
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