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School Webinars

These videos are provided as tools to help you and your student with academics. These videos relate to the core content as well as any other academic areas. Please use these videos as tools to guide you and not as sole teachers of material.

Reading/Phonics Webinars

Letter Sound Chart Demonstration

Blend Chart Demonstration

Digraph Vowel Combination Demonstration

Supporting Your Child During Reading (2-4)

Reading Comprehension

Retelling Fiction & Nonfiction

How to Find a Just Right Book

How to do a Book Orientation/Introduction

Supporting Your Child When They Get Stuck

Math Games & Activities Webinars

Salute (K-8)

Target Number (K-8)

Pig (K-8)

Bump (K-8)

Math Strategies

Two Strategies to Help Your Child Learn to Love Math

Do You Math Math Anxiety?

Addition Strategies (Making 10)

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